Friday, July 5, 2013

Caviar and Champagne for Thought

It’s all fine looking for (A) a new anti-virus, (B) electric cars driving 1,000,000 miles on one charge, (C) immortality by eating enhanced spinach, or (D) asking kim kartrashian how to end the global mental constipation. (A) and (B) could be considered decent hobbies to keep one’s neurons spinning, (C) will make some farmers happy (or only the Monsanto?) and (D) will keep the media and the retards alive and happy.

BUT from A to Zinc most of this planet's clueless and unfortunate inhabitants are missing the point, or should I say the Big Picture? They can’t see the forest for the … branches (of science).

My point, which is the ONLY VALID POINT, since I say so, is there are two ways to go ahead with the pedal floored:

[1]. Designing intelligent machines able to (re)design more intelligent machines and so on ..;
[2]. My way, which eats [1] for breakfast (you can call it ‘Caviar and Champagne for Thought’) …

[1] will most likely advance us a ton, although maybe not further/faster enough within our lifetimes (and we DO care about that, since we really want to bark ‘BINGO!’ and be part of the show).

As opposed to [1], [2] STARTS with ‘BINGO!’

Now here’s my beef with this ridiculous planet earth: I asked left and right, from top universities (Harvard, Berkeley and MIT among them) to NASA, .mil, CIA, XPrize, Laura and John Arnold Foundation (to name just a few) and there’s NO HOPE on the planet of NO HOPE! NOBODY can find 3 minutes to review my scientific research idea, the most important research idea in the history of this planet, if not this universe!*

* So I asked around if they’d agree to review the idea (and this is a reasonable way to approach someone in the age where a ton of businesses DO NOT accept unsolicited submissions), I didn't give them the link to it (see the paragraph below). They proved to have 0 (ZERO!) intellectual curiosity ..

It’s true that before I realized that this research idea IS THE MF of all the research ideas (and, thus, I pulled it out from the public reach) I sent it to one university which checked out all my links 10’s of times (9 times the link to THIS idea only!!) for several hours. When I asked the director of the dept. of mathematics why they didn’t answer me, the answer was: “I am really sorry to have upset you. The reason I have not answered your email is that I do not have any ability to help.”

The CIA answer was even funnier (like I was trying to sell them vacuums): “For any sales, business, contracting proposals, or questions, please contact the Procurement Executive Staff on 703-744-9877.”

Oh well, it’s so obvious that I’ll never beat bieber or snooki on this planet overcrowded with intellectual pygmies (where intelligence/genius is considered irrelevant or/and subversive), so I hold NO HOPE .. 

BUT, hey, there IS actually some hope: I’ll win the Jackpot (in the lottery) and I’ll have da moola to put together a state of the art lab and a dream team, while the useless oxygen wasters will be watching ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

Yeap, there’s *hope* (like in the Powerball Odds: 1 in 175,223,510) ……………………………….

And the footnote is: throughout my outstanding creative existence (or should I call it 'lame waste of time?') I couldn't but came to the conclusion that Thinking Big can be quite frustrating on this sore planet of midgets ... 

Updated on July 13th, 2013

After trying for over 100 days to reason with the decrepit western world, I'll just give up.  The research idea can be seen at: